Hug Badges


  • Image of Hug Badges
  • Image of Hug Badges

Like Hugs? Don't like hugs? Like hugs but want to drive home the point that consent is important and people should ask first?

Show off your preference with hug badges!

Badges are available in 2 tone acrylic (Green/White, Yellow/Black, and Red/White) or Birch Plywood. Badges are approximately 3.5" x 3.5" and come with a standard badge clip.

Art by:

Image of Fuck Off Badge
Fuck Off Badge
Image of OK Boomer PWYW Badge
OK Boomer PWYW Badge
Image of I Trade Pins Badge
I Trade Pins Badge
Image of Furry Trash/Recycling Badge
Furry Trash/Recycling Badge
Image of No Space For Abusers
No Space For Abusers
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